Top 25 Biohacking Gifts for 2024

Top 25 Biohacking Gifts for 2024

With the growing interest in a healthy lifestyle over the past years, more people, particularly spanners, have started exploring the world of biohacking trends and products. 

Although biohacking might seem at first sight like a complex term, it’s a simple process of making tiny positive changes to our lifestyle every day. From supplying our bodies with quality ingredients and vitamins to using anti-aging beauty products or tools for better health, these biohacking gifts will continue to give over the life of a health healthspan. 

If you have any biohackers among your family or friends, explore our curated biohacker gift guide with items suitable for every budget and taste.

Top Gifts for Biohackers

Biohacking food & drinks

1. Organic food subscription

Gifting an organic food subscription is the best way to provide every biohacker with a consistent supply of nutrient-rich and healthy meals.

As organic food is grown without synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms, it doesn’t contain chemicals and toxins that speed up aging.

Contrastingly, this type of nutrition contains high levels of antioxidants and essential nutrients that promote mental and physical performance.

Thrive Market offers organic and non-GMO food for the lowest prices while meeting the highest quality standards. You can customize a box and set a schedule of recurring deliveries to keep your loved one supplied with the best ingredients out there.

2. Longevity-promoting nutrition programs

Longevity-promoting nutrition programs are focused on nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods that support cellular repair and minimize oxidative stress that causes faster aging.

Incorporating essential vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats into a diet is proven to optimize organ function, boost immunity, promote cardiovascular health, support cognitive function, and enhance skin integrity. Thus, everything that biohackers aim for.

ProLon offers various nutrition programs tailored to reverse & slow down biological age, from the 24-hour mind and body reset to the complete rejuvenation package.

Their nutrition plans are based on deep research, clinical trials, and cooperation with prestigious university research partners, making them a high-quality gift for everyone interested in biohacking.

3. Organic superfood powders

Superfood powders are a popular choice by biohackers for a simple reason: they are nutrient-dense, packed with antioxidants, and easy to use.

There are countless options to choose from, but we’ve picked only the best-reviewed powders made of the finest ingredients. Besides the highest quality, these powders are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Super Greens Powder Smoothie with Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, and Beet Root Powder

Great mix for an energy boost, stronger immunity, improved gut health, and healthy digestion.

Coffee Latte Blend Mushroom Powder with Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi and Chaga extracts

Organic coffee with functional mushrooms to support immune health, focus, and natural energy.

Superfood Powder with Organic Açaí, Maqui Berry, Maca, and Acerola

Delicious boost blend for healthy and beautiful skin and hair.

Sunfood Maca Root Powder

Maca root powder supports hormone balance, provides natural energy, increases athletic performance, and helps the body fight stress factors.

Biohacking Gadgets

4. Red light therapy

Red light therapy is a popular biohacking method that offers countless health benefits. Devices emitting red light increase collagen production, improve skin appearance, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. But most importantly, they help the body repair at a cellular level, making them real anti-aging miracles.

Although red light therapy can be pricey, many affordable products work great for skin treatment and pain relief while not taking up a lot of space. 

Our favorite one is the red light portable device from Hottoerak.

5. Air purifiers

A high-quality air purifier ensures cleaner air at your home by removing allergens, pollutants, harmful chemicals, and mold spores. This results in better air circulation and a healthier environment for everyone suffering from respiratory problems, headaches, or fatigue.

A gift in the form of an air purifier is one of the most practical things you can give, considering the research that indicates we spend almost 90% of our lives indoors.

Our top pick is Levoit, one of the best-reviewed and most popular air purifiers on the market. You can operate it via app or voice control, and its quiet operation makes it a perfect fit for every room.

6. Blue light-blocking glasses

Our sleeping habits highly impact our overall health and aging. Unfortunately, due to increased usage of screens emitting harmful blue light, most of the adult population suffers from decreased sleep quality.

Using blue-light-blocking glasses is one of the most effective ways to fight this problem, as it promotes melatonin production and improves circadian rhythm. An ideal gift for anyone spending evening hours in front of the screen.

Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses are one of the most popular glasses due to their affordable price and high quality.

7. Fitness and health trackers

Fitness and health trackers present essential tools for every biohacker. Their ability to measure bodily functions provides insights into optimizing sleep habits, improving stress management, or increasing performance. Plus, their smartphone compatibility helps users make the most out of them.

We recommend purchasing these devices only from the most reliable brands to ensure accurate measurements and functionality. 

The Fitbit Sense 2 is a great choice.

8. Wearable stress relief devices

Wearable stress relief devices are small tools used to induce relaxation and decrease stress levels by vibrating at varying frequencies and pressures. They come in various formats, from wristbands and smartwatches to headsets or patches.

One of the most effective stress relief devices on the market is Sensate 2. You can place this tiny egg on your chest to feel instant relief and peace sensation.

Perfect gift for busy biohackers with stressful schedules.

Biohacking DNA kits

DNA kits are the ultimate gift choice for every biohacker, regardless of age or gender. 

Typically, these testing kits involve a simple saliva sample. After collection, the swab is sent to a laboratory for in-depth analysis. Once the specific genes are analyzed, the company providing the kits and laboratory test sends the user personalized insights.

This way, everyone can obtain information on optimal nutrition, potential health risks, fitness responses, sleep patterns, or ancestry details.

Decoding biohacker’s specific DNA maximizes the potency of the biohacking efforts as it allows them to make data-driven decisions and upgrade their lifestyle according to the analysis results.

We’ve made a curated list of the top DNA tests, ensuring that everyone can select the one that aligns with their individual preferences.

9. Sequencing DNA collection kit

Enhanced DNA reports with personalized guidance and practical insights.

10. Nebula Genomics

Whole genome sequencing DNA kit that helps users explore their family history. 

11. 23andMe

Real data and genetic insights on how to improve your health.

12. Selfdecode

DNA kit, including nutrition, diet, and fitness reports.

13. Siphoxhealth

An at-home test kit that measures blood biomarkers of inflammation, hormonal health, metabolic fitness, and cardiovascular health.

14. Muhdo

A DNA test kit that includes health insight reports and a DNA-aligned workout planner.

15. Index

Revolutionary at-home biological age test that measures ten different aspects of aging using the latest generation technology in the science of epigenetics.

Biohacking Beauty Products

16. Peptide-based skincare

Using peptide-based skincare provides a powerful anti-aging solution by promoting collagen synthesis, reducing wrinkles, and enhancing skin elasticity. Besides these benefits, peptide-rich cosmetics stimulate skin regeneration by stopping damaged skin cells (or “zombie cells”) from releasing pro-aging factors to healthy skin cells.

Our top pick for anti-aging skincare is One Skin – cosmetics that feature peptide OS-01,  the first peptide proved to reverse the biological skin age.

17. Microcurrent skincare devices

Microcurrent skincare devices provide biohackers a non-invasive alternative to traditional anti-aging interventions like Botox or fillers. By utilizing low-voltage electrical currents, these devices stimulate facial muscles and promote natural contractions and rejuvenation.

Apart from their anti-aging benefits, they also heal the skin which makes them perfectly versatile tools for everyone dealing with issues like wrinkles and acne.

Our favorite is FOREO Bear, the world’s first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with an Anti-Shock System. Its stimulating qualities lead to improved appearance and reduced signs of aging in just three weeks.

18. Skin rejuvenation kit

A skin rejuvenation kit consists of products designed to refresh and revitalize the skin and offer a comprehensive approach to achieving a youthful, radiant complexion.

Its anti-aging power hides in various combinations of potent ingredients, such as collagen-boosting peptides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, or other science-backed ingredients supporting cellular renewal.

The Eve Skin Rejuvenation Bar is a perfect gift for every biohacker fond of organic cosmetics.

This solid treatment lotion contains nutritional benefits equivalent to those found in over 2kg of freshly harvested rejuvenating herbs and plants.

Biohacking Vitamins & Supplements

19. Longevity supplements

Longevity supplements’ antioxidants, vitamins, and adaptogens support vitality, immune resilience, and overall well-being. Regularly consuming these supplements can promote cellular health, reduce oxidative stress, and enhance cognitive function. 

Liposomal NMN Longevity Supplement improves cell energy production, regulates inflammation, and repairs DNA, making it a perfect gift for every biohacker looking to achieve peak physical and mental performance.

20. Spermidine supplements

Spermidine is a natural ingredient found in foods like wheat germ, soybeans, aged cheese, or mushrooms. This compound is incredibly valuable for biohackers due to its ability to renew cells and decelerate aging.

Using spermidine supplements supports brain function and heart health, but most importantly, it helps slow down the aging process by improving overall cellular function.

Our top choice is spermidineLIFE, one of the best and highest-quality spermidine supplements currently available on the market.

21. MCT oil

MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil is a dietary supplement derived from coconut or palm kernel oil containing fats that quickly convert to energy. 

Biohackers can leverage the power of MCT oil to optimize their cognitive function, support weight management, and sustain high energy levels.

MCT oil fits perfectly in coffee, smoothies, or salads, and its broad range of use makes it an ideal gift for busy people looking for a quick & quality energy source.

Our top pick is 100% organic, non-GMO MCT oil from Viva Naturals.

22. Collagen powder

Due to its strong regeneration effects, collagen belongs to essential supplements for biohackers. Collagen powder rich in amino acids helps accelerate muscle recovery, fortifies hair and nails, promotes skin elasticity, and improves joint health.

Implementing just one drink made of collagen powder into a daily routine leads to enhanced physical performance, optimized bodily functions, and a maintained youthful appearance. 

Thorne collagen powder promotes glowing skin and healthy hair and helps with fine lines and wrinkle reduction.

Biohacking Educational Picks

For biohackers who love to expand their knowledge, we picked the best products to enhance their biohacking proficiency.

23. Biohacking books

Note: We just did a big roundup of the top longevity books for 2024. Check it out! 

Smarter Not Harder: The Biohacker’s Guide to Getting the Body and Mind You Want by Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey, one of the most popular biohackers, unveils secrets to achieving optimal health with minimal effort. He offers a revolutionary system of targeted hacks and practical insights into optimal nutrition, efficient workouts, and stress reduction strategies to achieve lasting health with minimal time investment.

Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging by Ben Greenfield

In this book, health and fitness leader Ben Greenfield offers a blueprint for total human optimization. From techniques to heal your body to routines for enhanced sleep, productivity, and happiness, Ben’s extensive knowledge helps readers learn how to maximize their cognition and mental clarity and improve their lives in every area.

Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don’t Have To by David A. Sinclair

Dr. David Sinclair, a leading world authority on genetics and longevity and Harvard Medical School scientist, uncovers breakthroughs in aging research, showcasing how activating vitality genes may slow or even reverse aging. 

25. Biohacking apps

Ultiself Biohacker Routine Planner App (Lifetime Subscription)

Ultiself is a user-friendly app developed by neuroscientists, psychology PhDs, and entrepreneurs. It serves as an AI-powered personal coach that helps users identify impactful habits and optimal routines for enhanced personal development. 

From teaching you how to boost productivity by ten times, cultivate laser-like focus, or build confidence in your ability to achieve goals, this app is a perfect gift for biohackers ready to unlock their true potential.

You can gift a lifetime subscription that’s available both for iOS and Android.

Disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliate links, meaning we may earn a small commission if you click and make a purchase. We exclusively recommend products of the highest quality based on thorough reviews.

More biohacking gifts for 2024? 

We picked out a bunch of options for people looking to buy biohacking gifts this year, but we know that we’re probably missing a bunch. 

What else should we add? Let us know in the comments. 

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