11 Best Longevity Facebook Groups

11 Best Longevity Facebook Groups

Update 2/15/2021: Note, this post has been updated since we originally published it in September 2020. Three new longevity Facebook groups have been added, and two, which no longer meet our minimum membership numbers, have been dropped down to the honorable mentions. Membership numbers for all the remaining groups have been updated and rounded to the nearest 100 for simplicity.

Facebook has over 1.7 billion daily active users according to their investor relations report.

Yes. Billion. With a “B.”

And with so many people logging on, that means Facebook can be home to some very (very) niche subcultures.

From people who want Detroit to install a Robocop statue to those who enjoy sharing second-hand knick-knacks to some real-life monsters who appreciate the font Comic Sans, Facebook’s groups are as diverse as the human race itself.

Which means those of us interested in radically extending the human lifespan should have no problem finding great longevity Facebook groups to join, right?

Well, yes… 

There are actually so many longevity and life extension Facebook groups out there that finding the best ones to join is an exercise in sifting through hundreds of different groups to see which are not only active, but also have quality posters and discussions that are well-moderated and research-backed.

So to save you the trouble, I’ve gone ahead and done all that backbreaking work for you.

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The best longevity Facebook groups

I used the following criteria to select this list of the best anti-aging Facebook groups:

  • At least 2,500 members.
  • At least five posts a week.
  • At least five of the ten most-recent posts refer to or cite a peer-reviewed research study.
  • No more than 20% of comments on the ten most-recent posts attempt to push or promote homeopathic medicine, spiritual healing, or other unproven medical science or interventions (including unfounded claims about substances like CBD oil or venus fly trap extract).
  • None of the ten most-recent posts push affiliate links or ads.

Groups are presented in descending order of member size (rounded to the nearest 100).

1. FoundMyFitness (Dr. Rhonda Patrick Health Group)

longevity facebook group foundmyfitness dr. rhonda patrick
  • Members: 13,100

One of two new life extension Facebook groups added to this list that are built around a prominent longevity influencer (the other being Dr. David Sinclair, below), this group is an unofficial forum to “discuss health topics related to Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s work in FoundMyFitness.”

Posts and conversations in the group focus mainly on the practical, including discussions of specific supplements, diets and, of course, Dr. Patrick’s recommendations and favorite longevity interventions (like sulforaphane). Commenters seem knowledgeable, and comments frequently answer questions with references to peer-reviewed research papers.

2. Immortality

life extension facebook group immortality
  • Members: 10,100

With moderators from organizations like Lifespan.io and SENS and over 10,000 members, the Immortality Facebook group is one of the largest devoted to life extension and longevity.

Unfortunately, with its somewhat hyperbolic name, the group does attract some members that are more interested in unproven ideas or mysticism, but the knowledgeable admins and other members usually respond well by providing links to actual research and scientific studies. 

In general, conversation in the group includes event announcements, discussions of potential anti-aging interventions, and links to news and articles related to life extension.

3. Ending aging: SENS, SENS Foundation, Aubrey de Grey

longevity facebook group SENS
  • Members: 10,000

This is the official SENS Research Foundation Facebook group, run and moderated by SENS staff (the admin is the VP of Operations at SENS). It’s where employees of SENS share announcements and discussion topics.

As you might expect, conversation quality tends to be high here, despite the relatively large size of the group. You’ll find more SENS-related content in this group, but also a good share of general anti-aging news, talks, and longevity events.

4. Food. Drugs. Longevity.

anti aging facebook group food drugs longevity
  • Members: 7,400

With five admins and moderators, including the founder of Open Longevity and members of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, this longevity Facebook group does a pretty good job of keeping conversations on-topic and high-quality (though the odd pseudoscience pusher still sometimes pops up).

Posts are mainly links to articles, videos, or other content related to longevity. They also include events, local meetups, recent studies, and news.

5. End Aging Now

anti aging facebook group end aging now
  • Members: 6,100

Joining this longevity Facebook group is a good way to keep a pulse on news and progress in the industry. Members primarily post links to recent studies and science articles.

With eight admins and mods, most spam and anti-science posts get caught and deleted, but some occasionally sneak through.

6. International Longevity Alliance

international longevity alliance facebook group
  • Members: 6,000

Run by the folks over at the International Longevity Alliance and with over ten admins and moderators and notable commenters like Liz Parrish of BioViva, this anti-aging Facebook group keeps a high-level of discourse despite having over 5,500 members.

The ILA’s Facebook group has a good mix of announcements from respected longevity organizations like SENS and Forever Healthy, and news relevant to life extension like new studies and research results or links to videos of talks and presentations. If you’re looking for a good all-around group to get a picture of happenings in the longevity industry, this is a solid one for that.

7. Dr David Sinclair Fans

anti aging facebook group dr david sinclair
  • Members: 5,700

Similar to the unofficial Dr. Rhonda Patrick group above, this longevity group is built around the work of Harvard life extension researcher Dr. David Sinclair (who also wrote the bestselling longevity book, Lifespan).

Posts here understandably focus on the research and regimen of Sinclair. They also touch on more wide-ranging longevity topics like specific supplements, fasting, and the science behind cellular senescence. Most discussions are well-supported with links to research or science articles.

8. Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine Movement

stem cell research regenerative medicine longevity facebook group
  • Members: 4,000

Despite the name, this group doesn’t only focus on stem cells and their application to life extension. In fact, posts here range from new studies on how to kill cancer cells, to discussions on inflammation, and how to use the immune system for tissue repair.

Despite only having a single admin, conversations are generally kept on-topic and free of pseudoscience or things like MLM shilling.

9. Latest Aging Research Updates

aging research facebook group
  • Members: 3,000

Moderated by people including a former SENS employee, the founder of Forever Healthy, and an employee of Ichor Therapeutics, this longevity Facebook group was created with the sole purpose to “share articles published in the peer-reviewed literature within the last month” about life extension and anti-aging therapies.

And the posts (primarily from admin Sven Bulterijs) live up admirably to this purpose, with links almost exclusively to scientific journals like Nature or anti-aging research studies in PubMed or on BioRxiv. If you want a great place to keep up with the technical, hard science of the life extension field, this group is for you.

10. Senescent Cell Research Group

senescent cell facebook group
  • Members: 2,700

This anti-aging research Facebook group only has two moderators. Content primarily focuses on senolytic drug research and other interventions for clearing out senescent cells. Occasionally, the moderators allow more general longevity-related posts and announcements.

Former SENS researcher Sven Bulterijs is again the admin/mod superstar here. He generates good discussion across all the several longevity-related groups he runs.

11. LIFE EXTENSION & ANTI-AGING: NAD Boosters, NR, NMN, Resveratrol & More

life extension and anti aging facebook group
  • Members: 2,600

One of the best collections of knowledgeable self-experimenters on Facebook, this group is ably modded by admin Nils Osmar who keeps discussions on-track and fact-based with his high-touch approach.

His rules include a pinned post at the top of the group reminding people: “Please remember though that we can’t ‘diagnose or prescribe’ for each other. (Even if we were all medical doctors, we couldn’t do that online.) So instead of saying ‘try this,’ or ‘do this,’ you might write, ‘Some people are trying this…’ or ‘I’ve tried this,’ or ‘This is what I might do if it were me.’”

Conversations in this group tend to be very well-informed, with links to research and studies to back up particular claims, and members helping out newbies who have questions on particular supplements or drugs, dosing schedules, or other longevity lifestyle changes.

Honorable Mentions

There were a few groups that didn’t quite make the cut (either because of size, content that duplicated groups already on the list, or topic coverage a little outside the main life-extension focus of this list). Even so, they may be interesting or useful to readers. I’ve included them below: 

Any good longevity Facebook groups we missed?

Add your favorites in the comments (so long as they have nothing to do with Comic Sans)!


    1. J.P.

      Thanks Nils! You’re the most knowledgeable (and reasonable in terms of how you approach it from a science-backed perspective) longevity self-experimenter I’ve yet come across and I’ve learned a ton from the group and from your posts especially.

  1. Hi JP,

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    Thanks for your consideration.
    Gisele Wertheim Aymes
    @giselewaymes Twitter
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    1. J.P.

      Gisele, thanks for sharing the website and links! Looks like a solid publication. However this article was specifically covering Facebook Groups, and it looks like what you linked is a Page and not a Group unless I’m mistaken?

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