Twitter isn’t exactly known as the best place for reasoned debate and intelligent discourse these days.

In fact, if some people are to be believed, it may very well be responsible for the downfall of Western civilization as we know it.

Which is too bad because, if you do it right, Twitter can be an amazing tool for education, communication, and advocacy.

For instance, if you start following longevity experts instead of all those angry politics accounts you currently hate-read, you can end up learning a ton, while simultaneously staying up-to-date on the most cutting-edge advances in human life extension as they are actually happening.

best longevity experts on twitter

How exciting is that?

And it turns out #LongevityTwitter is littered with a who’s-who of the most prominent scientists, researchers, and founders on the front-lines of developing anti-aging technologies and therapies.

longevity advice twitter
Like these fine folks, for instance.

And I’ve gone ahead and collected some of the very best life-extension experts into a handy Twitter list here for you to follow, as well as in the below article.

So do your part to save civilization, unfollow rage-posters, and start following anti-aging experts on Twitter instead.

The best longevity experts and influencers on Twitter

I’ve broken up the below list of top longevity experts by individuals’ accounts vs. organizational accounts. For both lists I’ve used the same selection criteria:

  • At least 10,000 followers on Twitter
  • Content is primarily about life-extension science and strategies
  • Does not promote bad science or life-extension strategies with no scientific backing 
  • Cites at least one scientific study in the most-recent twenty tweets
  • Currently active, meaning at least one tweet within the past month

Individuals are organized alphabetically by last name, and organizations alphabetically by organization name.

Longevity experts: Individuals

1. Peter Attia

Followers: 136,000

peter attia longevity influencer

Doctor Peter Attia is well-known in longevity circles for his excellent life-extension podcast, as well as his top longevity blog (and rumor has it he’s releasing a longevity book soon as well) so his inclusion on this list should come as no surprise.

He mainly uses his Twitter account as an update stream for announcing when new articles appear on his blog or new episodes are uploaded on his podcast, and also as a way to mirror his Instagram posts. Nevertheless, it’s a useful way to follow his updates and news (especially if, like myself, you have an irrational aversion to “the ‘Gram,” or whatever kids call it these days).

2. Charles Brenner

Followers: 38,300

charles brenner longevity twitter

A research scientist at the University of Iowa, Brenner and his lab discovered that Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) is a precursor vitamin that makes NAD+ in the body. With the recent focus on NAD+ as an activator of possible longevity enzymes called “sirtuins” (championed vocally by Dr. David Sinclair, who also appears later on this list), Brenner’s research is of special interest to spanners. Somewhat ironically, in fact, as he seems to be against the hypothesis that sirtuins activate longevity pathways.

He is also the Chief Scientific Advisor of ChromaDex, the company that produces the well-known longevity supplement Tru Niagen (which claims to increase NAD+ levels in the body).

Follow his Twitter account for (sometimes contrarian) commentary and news about the most recent studies relating to NAD+ and NAD+ precursors like NR and NMN.

3. George Church

Followers: 35,500

life extension expert george church

Harvard researcher George Church, one of the driving forces behind the Human Genome Project, has been involved in human longevity efforts for ages. From founding companies to test anti-aging therapies on dogs, to identifying promising longevity genes, to using gene therapy to treat age-related diseases in mice, Dr. Church is a real longevity expert.

While his Twitter account recently has mostly covered Covid-19 science news (understandably), prior to the pandemic he covered molecular biology and genetic research news. He also shared updates about recent articles he’d written and interviews he’d appeared in.

4. Laura Deming

Followers: 22,400

anti-aging expert laura deming

Longevity wunderkind Laura Deming founded Longevity Fund, her life extension-focused VC company, in 2011 at the age of just 17 (after finishing graduate-level coursework at MIT, which she entered at 15).

In addition to managing $39 million in investments in the longevity space (including well-known life-extension companies like Unity Biotech), Deming’s Longevity FAQ is also one of the best resources for beginners to learn about the space and she gives a lot of thought and helpful advice for how to enter the longevity industry.

Her Twitter account is a mix of general thoughts on science, with comments about the biotechnology industry and updates about the work of her VC fund.

5. Aubrey de Grey

Followers: 37,200

longevity influencer aubrey de grey

Possibly the person most responsible for bringing the science of life extension into the mainstream (alongside perhaps Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis), longevity expert Aubrey de Grey with his magnificent beard is a well-recognized face in anti-aging circles.

From his landmark 2007 longevity book, Ending Aging, to his founding of the SENS Research Foundation, the Rejuvenation Research scientific journal, and the Methuselah Foundation, and his serving on the boards of numerous anti-aging organizations and companies like AgeX Therapeutics, not to mention his numerous public interviews and speeches, everywhere you look in the longevity space you’ll see the indefatigable de Grey.

And for longevity enthusiasts, his Twitter account does not disappoint. In addition to sharing news about his own recent interviews and appearances, and new ventures he’s supporting, he also helps to signal-boost positive messages and events from others related to life-extension.

6. Rhonda Patrick

Followers: 328,600

rhonda patrick anti-aging influencer

Known for her popular podcast (and website) Found My Fitness, anti-aging expert Doctor Rhonda Patrick covers aging and longevity with discussions on everything from genetics, to diet and fasting, supplementation, to even sauna use.

She uses her Twitter account not only to share updates of her own articles and content, but also to alert her followers to news and interesting recent studies related to health and longevity.

7. David Sabatini

Followers: 13,900

longevity expert david sabatini

Doctor Sabatini, who runs his own lab at MIT, made his name by discovering mTOR (the “mammalian Target Of Rapamycin”) in the early 1990s. mTOR, as a regulator of growth in the body, has been of interest to longevity researchers ever since, and several mTOR inhibitors like rapamycin have been shown to extend lifespan across animal species.

Sabatini has continued his work on mTOR and rapamycin and has also studied NAD which, as mentioned above, is also of great interest to spanners.

His Twitter account is a mix of personal posts with news and updates about recent research that both he and his colleagues are doing.

8. David Sinclair

Followers: 124,800

life extension expert david sinclair

Harvard medical researcher and author of recent longevity book Lifespan, Doctor Sinclair is, like Aubrey de Grey, a powerhouse in the life-extension space. He’s seemingly everywhere you look these days doing interviews, AMAs on Reddit, and giving talks to scientific and non-scientific audiences alike.

Known initially for his work on the possible longevity compound resveratrol (found in red wine and blueberries), Sinclair and his lab at Harvard have since gone on to research NAD+ precursors like NMN, DNA repair enzymes called sirtuins, and have even used stem cells injected into the crushed optic nerve of a mouse to enable it to see again (a process Sinclair believes could eventually be extended to the entire body to reverse aging).

On Twitter he shares updates about his own research findings, helpful analyses of longevity research performed by others, and news about his recent interviews and appearances.

Longevity experts: Organizations

9. Blue Zones

Followers: 38,800

anti-aging influencer blue zones

This is the official account for the Blue Zones company, founded around National Geographic writer Dan Buettner’s research on regions that boast the most long-lived people, and his bestselling book of the same name.

While some of the tenets behind centenarian research have been questioned, the approach is nevertheless worth exploring and the Blue Zones Twitter account shares health and diet recommendations based on original surveys.

10. Lifespan.IO

Followers: 10,600

life extension expert twitter

Probably the most active media and content organization in the longevity space,, a creation of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF), does it all. 

Not only do they run a top longevity conference, they also track and report on new research findings about life extension, interview key players in human longevity, host webinars and panel discussions, support and promote other anti-aging advocates, and even directly fund life-extension research through their own crowdfunding platform (over $390,000 raised for longevity medical studies so far!).

The Twitter account is a useful blend of all of the above, providing updates on new content and interviews they’ve done, plus links to recent studies and other anti-aging initiatives. If you want a one-stop-shop for all the latest and greatest in the longevity community, you could do worse than the Twitter account.

11. SENS Foundation

Followers: 18,200

Longevity expert SENS twitter

Founded by Aubrey de Grey (who appears higher up on this list), SENS is a crucial research, funding, and advocacy organization in the movement to increase healthy human lifespan. In addition to the direct anti-aging research they do themselves, SENS also funds longevity research studies at outside universities and labs, runs an annual life-extension conference, and runs extensive education and advocacy efforts.

The SENS Twitter account tweets out updates on talks and interviews with its staff, events, and new longevity research papers and reviews.

Honorable mentions for longevity experts

The below Twitter life-extension experts and organizations didn’t quite meet the follower threshold to be included in the above list, but still provide valuable longevity news and content, in my opinion.

These honorable mentions were selected by me in a totally subjective fashion and only represent accounts I’ve found useful or interesting, so take the list with a grain of salt. 

I’ve organized them alphabetically by organization name or individual last name.

Any other top longevity experts on Twitter?

Who’d we miss? 

And how have you (yes, you!) helped to preserve civilization by unfollowing angry political social media accounts?

Let us know what other longevity experts we should be following (or unfollowing) in the comments.


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