24 Best Longevity Conferences and Events for 2024

24 Best Longevity Conferences and Events for 2024

Update 2/22/2024: This post has been updated since we originally published it in August 2020 and first updated it in May 2021. Several new best longevity conferences have been added and several which are no longer happening have been removed.

Usually, when you approach a random stranger and immediately begin talking about things like DNA methylation rates and NAD+ precursors, you’re lucky if all you get is a weird look.

(Ask me how I know—I’m great fun at bars.)

The sad truth is that the topic of radical human life extension just hasn’t penetrated the public consciousness in a meaningful way (yet!).

But there are places where the budding biogerontologist (or even the curious layperson) can start conversations with, “What’s your favorite method for inducing senescent cell autophagy?” and not be politely shown the door.

And these places are called longevity conferences!

Yes, and these marvelous anti-aging events exist, not only on the internet, but out in the real world. So you can leave the harsh white light of the lab, or the dark confines of your basement, and interact with actual, flesh-and-blood people who, just like you, want to end the scourge of aging within our lifetimes.

I’ve put together a list of the top longevity conferences (including both in-person and online life-extension events) so you can finally see if that senolytics joke you’ve been practicing in the mirror for the last three months actually lands.

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Best Longevity Conferences and Events for 2024

Best Longevity Conferences and Life Extension Events

These top longevity conferences were selected using a couple criteria. To be included in this list, the event must:

  • Have a primary purpose of increasing the healthy lifespan of human beings.
  • Take place in 2024
  • Have at least three sessions devoted to presenting new research on human life extension, longevity therapies, and/or rejuvenation interventions.
  • Have the majority of talks presented in English.

I organized the below  list of top life extension conferences in alphabetical order.

A quick note on the difference between longevity conferences and aging conferences: 

Many conferences that purport to deal with the subject of aging, such as the International Federation on Aging’s Global Conference on Aging, are not focused on life extension, anti-aging therapies, or longevity strategies so much as they are focused on long-term care and “aging gracefully,” or policy questions around how health and social systems can deal with growing populations of elderly people who are frail and unhealthy due of the ravages of aging. Since the default stance of these conferences is that aging cannot be cured, but must be endured and its suffering only attenuated slightly and not eliminated entirely, I have not included most of them in the below list. Only if such a conference has a large portion of talks devoted to life extension therapeutics or rejuvenation strategies have I listed them here.

1. Aging and Gerontology

  • Date: April 8-9, 2024
  • Location: Valencia, Spain (virtual options available)
  • Cost: $99-$949
aging and gerontology conference

This longevity conference, now in its seventh year, covers both “aging gracefully” and longevity therapeutics.

The Aging and Gerontology conference, run by scientific conference company Sciinov (who also puts on the Global Longevity Federation event below), has got some great longevity topics. With talks on aging clocks, gender differences in aging, and how diet and stress affect telomere length, you’ll have plenty to look forward to when April rolls around.

2. Ending Age-Related Diseases

  • Date: TBD
  • Location: TBD (virtual options available)
  • Cost: TBD
ending age-related diseases longevity conference lifespan.io

If you’ve been in the longevity space for even a little bit, odds are you’ve chanced upon the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) and their flagship site Lifespan.io. With a solid longevity blog and tons more advocacy and even research fundraising tools, LEAF is a well-known resource in the life-extension space.

Ending Age-Related Diseases is LEAF’s big longevity conference each year and, though details for this year haven’t been announced, it’s still bringing together some of the biggest leading lights in the field and covering some of the most exciting and cutting-edge topics in life extension research. With past speakers like Aubrey de Grey of SENS, Steve Horvath (of Horvath’s epigenetic clock fame), and James Kirkland of the Mayo Clinic, attendees are sure to get a packed four-days-worth of biotech and longevity news, discussion, and connections.

Recordings of the last year’s event are also now available on LEAF’s YouTube channel.

3. Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting (ARDD)

  • Date: August 26-30, 2024
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark (virtual options available)
  • Cost: $49-$499
Aging research and drug discovery conference

Chaired by longevity heavy hitters like Alex Zhavoronkov of Insilico Medicine, ARDD is one of the largest conferences in the life-extension space. Over 2,200 people routinely attend the event and the conference organizers boast attendees from 120 different countries.

Speakers for 2024 include prominent researchers from institutes like the Max Planck Institute of Biology and Aging, as well as longevity influencers like scientist and biological age test creator Steve Horvath.

4. Global Longevity Federation

  • Date: March 25-26, 2024
  • Location: Las Vegas, USA (virtual options available)
  • Cost: $399-$799
 Global Longevity Federation event

Run by scientific event company Sciinov, this longevity conference has flown a little under the radar, which is too bad since it’s got some great content for anyone interested in the frontier of human life extension.

Confirmed speakers include Todd Haim of the NIH/National Institute on Aging whose Interventions Testing Program is a pillar helping to advance longevity science, plus speakers from longevity companies like Ponce De Leon Health (whose study on biological age reversal using AKG we profiled in our coverage of human life extension), and Deep Longevity.

5. International Conference on Aging and Disease 

  • Date: May 17-19, 2025
  • Location: Hong Kong, China
  • Cost: $200-$500

Hosted by the International Society on Aging and Disease, this conference has a heavy focus on longevity and dealing with the damage and diseases caused by aging. With speakers from countries all over the world including Denmark, Israel, India, China, and the U.S. the ICAD is a broadly international event. Topics covered range from longevity interventions to the relationship between DNA damage and age-related diseases to stem cell applications for combating age-related diseases.

Speakers of note for life extensionists include the chairman of the Israeli Longevity Alliance, the the former President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and the founder of the British Longevity Society.

6. International Symposium on Neurobiology and Neuroendocrinology of Aging

  • Date: July 12-17, 2024
  • Location:  Bregenz, Austria
  • Cost: $300-$500
International Symposium on Neurobiology and Neuroendocrinology of Aging

With talks like “Targeting cellular senescence for healthy aging” and “Mechanisms underlying functional rejuvenation by mTOR inhibition” this symposium has a lot to offer the longevity-conference-curious.

Organized by Dr. Holly Brown-Borg of the University of North Dakota and sponsored by organizations like Google’s secretive Calico anti-aging company as well as the National Institutes of Health, non-scientists could be forgiven for thinking the topics covered by this event might be too technical for them to benefit. But luckily the plan is to “maximize the value of the conference for students and newcomers to gerontology” by providing an introduction to the space that will help the educated lay person understand and put into context the talks to follow.

7. Longevity and Biohacking Convention

  • Date: July 5-7, 2024
  • Location: Andorra La Vella, Andorra (virtual options available)
  • Cost: €55-€1850
longevity biohacking convention

Aimed at an audience looking to take action on themselves (“biohackers”) this conference is all about applicable therapies and longevity interventions that attendees can benefit from.

Talks include how the ketogenic diet may impact longevity, autophagy and fasting, hot and cold therapy, and how to slow down cellular aging, with the ever-present Aubrey de Grey headlining the speakers.

8. LongevityFest

  • Date: December 13-15, 2024
  • Location: Las Vegas, USA
  • Cost: $195-$695
longevity fest event

Run by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine this event has been running for a few years now.

While the program and speakers haven’t yet been finalized for this year, past years’ LongevityFests have featured people like Blue Zones author Dan Buettner, and researchers presenting on things like telomeres and methylene blue.

9. Livelong Summit (use our link for a 50% discount on tickets)

  • Date: March 15-16, 2024
  • Location: West Palm Beach, USA (virtual options available)
  • Cost: $199-$799 ($99-$399.50 with Longevity Advice discount)
livelong summit

Run by the independent Livelong events team, this Florida conference promises a star-studded (in longevity terms) two days of life extension and anti-aging talks.

Speakers range from well-known longevity scientists like David Sinclair (author of Lifespan: Why We Age— and Why We Don’t Have To), to life-extension authors like Andrew Steele (who wrote popular the longevity book Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old), to biotech CEOs like Daisy Robinton, whose Oviva Therapeutics is working to end menopause and rejuvenate womens’ ovaries. And the speakers have all been charged with making their research and regimens accessible to non-doctors, so that you don’t need a PhD to get something useful from the conference (hey, kinda like us!)

10. Longevity Investors Conference

  • Date: September 24-27, 2024
  • Location: Gstaad, Switzerland
  • Cost: $4,099-$6,604
longevity investors conference

As we mentioned in our discussion of the ethics of life extension, the market for anti-aging interventions is a massive one, potentially encompassing every single person on the planet. While this will work to increase access and drive costs down for longevity therapies, it also presents an incredible opportunity to make money by serving such a vast market.

That’s where the Longevity Investors Conference comes in. With speakers ranging from prominent scientists like David Sinclair and Aubrey de Grey, to entrepreneurs and investors like billionaire Jim Mellon of Juvenescence, to VCs and fund directors like Alexandra Bause of Apollo Health Ventures, this one-day conference is a crash-course in investment opportunities and fundraising vehicles for longevity.

11. Longevity Leaders Congress

  • Date:  April 29-30, 2024
  • Location: London, UK
  • Cost: £845-£4,775
longevity leaders congress event

The UK-based LSX (“Life Science eXecutive”) Leaders puts on this longevity event and several smaller, regional ones every year.

Billed as an opportunity to connect executives in the life sciences and longevity industries with the “capital, intelligence, innovation, and partners” to help them grow, this conference features tons of presenters (over 200 for previous years’ events). Speakers include Aubrey de Grey of SENS, Ryan Richardson of Novartis, and Tina Woods of Longevity International.

12. Longevity Med Summit

  • Date: May 8-9, 2024
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Cost: €810-€1580
longevity med summit conference

Aimed primarily at practicing physicians and clinics, the Longevity Med Summit covers all kinds of longevity medicine.

Speakers from organizations like the Buck Institute and the Mayo Clinic will be covering topics like how to implement a longevity-focus in clinical settings, immune aging, and AI in longevity medicine.

13. Longevity Nation

  • Date: October 28-31, 2024
  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Cost: Free entrance, reservation required
longevity nation israel event

One of only two free life extension conferences on this list, Longevity Nation—hosted at Bar Ilan University and focused on supporting the longevity ecosystem in Israel—nonetheless boasts a rockstar speaker list.

Talks include sessions on aging clocks, longevity medicines, and commercialization of longevity therapies. Speakers include Aubrey de Grey, Nir Barzilai, and Jose Luis Cordeiro.

14. The Longevity Summit

  • Date: December 3-4, 2024
  • Location: Novato, USA (virtual options available)
  • Cost: $79-$4,500
longevity summit

Held at the anti-aging research powerhouse known as the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in California, this event put on by Longevity Global is in its fourth year and gathers “longevity entrepreneurs, existing pharma and biotech companies, investors, researchers, and government organizations” in order to “tackle the aging problem.”

Speakers include gene science giant George Church, biological age clock master Steve Horvath, and BioAge Labs co-founder Kristen Fortney. Topics include everything from longevity medicine to getting funding for your longevity biotech startup.

15. Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit

  • Date: June 11-13, 2024
  • Location: San Francisco, USA
  • Cost: $2,999-$4,631
age-related disease therapeutics longevity conference

The Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit, rebranded from the Longevity Therapeutics summit, is organized by conference company Hanson Wade in partnership with a host of longevity organizations and institutions like Lifespan.io and the Aging Analytics Agency.

Similar to the Longevity Leaders Congress, this anti-aging conference brings together a relatively small number of attendees (fewer than a hundred) with dozens of speakers and industry partners to allow for intimate discussions and connections. With a focus on turning research into actionable and effective anti-aging therapies and interventions, the Longevity Therapeutics conference is a great option for proactive life-extension crusaders and researchers.

16. Longevity World Forum

  • Date: TBD
  • Location: Alicante, Spain
  • Cost: €250-€550
longevity world forum event

Billing itself as the first major longevity and genomics conference in Europe, the Spain-based Longevity World Forum plays host to medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and researchers from around the world.

Speakers include Liz Parrish of BioViva, Maria Abramson of SENS, and Manuel Collado of the Laboratory of Stem Cells in Cancer and Aging at Santiago de Compostela. Past talks have presented on the role of diet in lifespan extension, translating senolytic medicines into clinical trials, and how AI might impact human longevity.

17. Milan Longevity Summit

  • Date: March 14-27, 2024
  • Location: Milan, Italy (virtual options available)
  • Cost: Free entrance, reservation required
milan longevity summit italian longevity conference

This free, multi-week event is Italy’s first major international longevity conference, and it promises to be a big one.

Not only does it span 14 days of packed longevity events and talks like “insights from the Blue Zones,” not only does it feature renowned life extension scientists and influencers like Nir Barzilai and David Sinclair, not only does it have a full live-stream option for those unable to attend in-person, but all of it is free! This event, especially if you are able to attend in-person, seems to offer some of the best value of anything else on this list. As long as you register your spot ahead of time, it’s one of only two physical events we could find that doesn’t charge a ticket fee.

18. RAADfest Annual Conference: Revolution Against Aging and Death

  • Date: September 5-8, 2024
  • Location: Anaheim, USA (virtual options available)
  • Cost: $697-$2,487
life extension Conference: Revolution Against Aging and Death

RAADfest is one of the most prominent US-based longevity conferences. It’s usually held in Las Vegas every year and organized by The Coalition for Radical Life Extension

If you’re an anti-aging activist and want to be star-struck, RAADfest is the place to be. This conference really attracts the heavy hitters in the longevity science space, from Liz Parrish of BioViva, to Aubrey de Grey of SENS, and Ray Kurzweil of Google (and The Singularity is Near fame) along with dozens more.

RAADfest’s presentations tend to feature cutting-edge yet layman-accessible research. With almost 1,000 attendees, it’s one of the top anti-aging events by its scale alone. Over 70 life-extension and longevity companies also show up to present their wares to those curious about what the market has to offer doctors, researchers, and consumers.

19. Rejuvenation Startup Summit

  • Date: May 10-11, 2024
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Cost: €250-€600
rejuvenation startup summit

Rebranded from the old Undoing Aging conference, the Rejuvenation Startup Summit is the big annual conference held in Berlin in partnership with Michael Greve’s Forever Healthy Foundation.

Originally focused on “rejuvenation now,” the conference now serves as a networking event for investors and longevity startups. It still has an impressive lineup of speakers, including TRIIM study lead Greg Fahy, and Celine Halioua, founder of dog longevity company Loyal.

20. Reproductive Aging Conference

  • Date: May 1-4, 2024
  • Location: Cancun, Mexico
  • Cost: $1,579-$1,987
reproductive aging conference

The only conference devoted to male and female reproductive aging, this will be the third year this event will be held. Managed by Fusion Conferences, the focus here is on how gonadal aging interacts with aging in the rest of the body and how that can help us understand and hopefully stop aging.

The agenda includes talks on things like “Ovarian Aging: A Target for Geroprotection,” by speakers from prestigious labs and universities including the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

21. Systems Aging Gordon Research Conference

  • Date: June 2-7, 2024
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Cost: $448-$1,605
systems aging longevity event

Chaired by the famous Steve Horvath of Horvath’s Epigenetic Clock, this inaugural aging research event is aimed primarily at “established and junior scientists” in the longevity sciences field.

This conference is likely to touch on some of the most exciting research and breakthroughs in aging, rejuvenation therapies, and other longevity interventions. Though its target audience and the likely technical nature of talks may mean it’s more for advanced life-extension enthusiasts.

22. Unlock Healthy Longevity: Supplements

  • Date: February 29-March 2, 2024
  • Location: Singapore (virtual options available)
  • Cost: $55.80-$483.60
longevity supplements conference

Done in conjunction with the National University of Singapore, this unique event claims to be the first longevity conference dedicated entirely to the role supplements can play in human life extension.

Speakers and presentations include heavy hitters like Brian Kennedy, Nir Barzilai, and David Sinclair talking about supplements like AKG, NMN, and fisetin. A free “open day” on March 2nd invites the public to talks and informational sessions exploring the science and safety of longevity supplements.

23. Vitalia

  • Date: January 6-April 1, 2024
  • Location: Próspera, Honduras
  • Cost: $500
vitalia longevity event

Maybe the most interesting event on this list, Vitalia doesn’t bill itself as a conference, but as a “popup city” running for several months to bring together the best and most ambitious minds in the longevity space to work towards solving aging.

Based in the Próspera special economic zone on the picturesque Caribbean island of Roatán, Honduras, Vitalia boasts over 500 “scientists, biotech engineers, and entrepreneurs who love life and don’t want it to end.” Events are running on a constant basis throughout the popup city, including summits focused on longevity biotech, AI and life extension, and a special longevity startup accelerator month in March to connect entrepreneurs with mentors and investors.

Speakers include Aubrey de Grey, Bryan Johnson, and ​Professor Vera Gorbunova.

24. World Aging and Rejuvenation Conference

  • Date: July 8-10, 2024
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Cost:  €549-€899
World Aging and Rejuvenation Conference

Run by Innovinc International, this anti-aging event includes scientists and professors from around the world.

Agenda topics include an overview of the clinical trials currently running to try to stop and slow aging, using cellular studies to find rejuvenation compounds, and drug development strategies for anti-aging.

Honorable mentions

A few longevity conferences didn’t make the main list of events. Either for being too small, not in English, or other limitations. However they may still be worth you checking them out, so here’s a list of honorable mentions:

Which longevity conferences did we miss?

Is your favorite life extension event not on this list? Did you attend one of these events and want to share your story? Let us know in the comments!

(Or just share your favorite senolytics-based jokes. We think the world would be better with more of them.)


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