5 Best Longevity Podcasts for 2024

5 Best Longevity Podcasts for 2024

Update 4/25/2024: This post on the best longevity podcasts has been updated since we first published it in October, 2020. Several (sadly) defunct podcasts have been removed while two new life extension podcasts have been added. Podcast ratings and links have also all been made current.

Whether I’m busy reading my favorite longevity books, watching new life extension Ted Talks, or scrolling through the best anti-aging blogs, I’m always looking for ways to stay updated on how science can extend human lifespan. 

I’ve found that podcasts are a great resource to keep the info flowing. 

best longevity podcasts

I mean, how else would I learn about the link between methylation and telomere length while driving? Or the impending class problems that are sure to come with citizen-scientist gene editing while I’m busy getting swole

If you don’t have the time to sift through the 5,000+ available podcast options to find which ones are actually worth a listen, you’re in luck. Here’s how I filtered through what’s available to bring you the top longevity podcasts available to-date.

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The best longevity podcasts in 2024

I narrowed down this list to the best radical life extension podcasts using the following set of requirements. To make this list, each podcast must:

  • Focus explicitly on life extension. A few good interviews with longevity influencers does not make it a life-extension podcast. 
  • Have an Apple Podcasts rating of at least 4.5. 
  • Offer a high-quality audio experience. 
  • Have published shows for at least one year.
  • Be active and update at least once a month.

With those criteria in mind, here are the top longevity podcasts for 2024! They are ordered alphabetically by show title. 

1. Anti-Aging Hacks

anti aging hacks with faraz khan: best anti-aging podcast

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.8

Faraz Khan started his anti-aging podcast “out of a quest to slow down [his] parents’ aging so he could spend more quality time with them” which sounds eerily similar to some of the reasons we started Longevity Advice! In addition to hosting interviews with noted longevity experts like Dr. Sandra Kaufmann and Sergey Young, Khan also share his own longevity routines and lifestyle experiments, including morning regimens and exercises he’s tried. He publishes episodes 2-4 times a month, roughly weekly, though it doesn’t seem like the podcast is published on any particular regular day.

Check out this episode: Sleep Chronotypes and Best Sleep Anti-Aging Tips By The Sleep Doctor: Micheal Breus

Air Date: September 2023

2. The Biohacking Secrets Show

The Bio Hacking Secrets Show with Anthony DiClementi: Best Longevity Podcast

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.7

Anthony DiClementi, a clinical nurse specialist, NCSF-accredited personal trainer, and author of The Biohacker’s Guide to Upgraded Energy and Focus, hosts interviews focused on “upgrading” one’s being—and he has a heavy emphasis on longevity and disease prevention. He is particularly interested in unorthodox “hacks” to improving one’s health and the science behind his interviewers’ recommendations. 

As a heads up to our readers, sometimes DiClementi can veer into fringe territory (like with his concerns over 5G), but the quality of his interviews secure his spot on this list.

Check out this episode: 96% DNA-Based Cancer Prevention with Kashif Khan

Air Date: August 2023

3. The Cabral Concept

Cabral Concept: top life extension podcast

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.8

Dr. Stephen Cabral has published over 3,000 episodes of this long-running health and longevity podcast. While many of his episodes focus on general health optimization topics which will be familiar to experienced biohackers, he devotes a substantial portion of his interviews and coverage to longevity and life extension as well. These include episodes on including topics like blood biomarkers and high polyphenol olive oil.

Check out this episode: Do Your Mitochondria Control Aging? (Longevity Breakthroughs)

Air Date: March 2024

4. Gladden Longevity Podcast

Gladden Longevity Podcast: Top anti-aging podcast

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.6

As a top anti-aging podcast, hosts Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden and Mark Young provide an almost unwavering focus on longevity. Gladden Longevity’s (formerly called “Living Beyond 120”) episodes range in length, with some as short as 12 minutes and others as long as an hour and forty-five minutes. They upload irregularly but always provide a handful of shows per month. The podcast tends to feature the work the hosts are doing to increase their lifespan and interviews with scientists looking to explain their latest research like Dr. Greg Fahy and Dan Sullivan. This fact-based podcast is essential for anyone looking closer at the hard science that could drive the expansion of human lifespans. 

Check out this episode: Future of Forever: Crafting Lifelong Wellness with Genomic Insights, Nature’s Bounty, and Personalized Health Journeys

Air Date: January 2024

5. The Peter Attia Drive

The Peter Attia Drive Best life extension podcast

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.7

I couldn’t create a list of the top radical life extension podcasts without including Peter Attia’s prolific weekly show. Dr. Attia, a practicing physician and top anti-aging blogger, interviews top longevity influencers—mostly researchers, scientists, and doctors—and uses his background to ask challenging, relevant medical questions. With that said, he’s particularly careful to pair his technical queries with explainers for the layman listener, without talking down to those of us without a relevant PhD. 

Check out this episode: Liquid biopsies for early cancer detection, the role of epigenetics in aging, and the future of aging research

Air Date: February 2024

Other top longevity podcasts?

There are a handful of anti-aging podcasts that came close to making this list but published too irregularly to truly be considered one of the best. Those podcasts, siphoned off as I narrowed my list, are still of high value and worth mentioning to those who can go a month or more between updates:

There are also a number of podcasts that might not have a longevity focus, but still host incredible, relevant interviews. I recommend giving the following episodes a listen:

Even more of the best life extension podcasts? 

As interest in longevity research and anti-aging solutions become more mainstream, new podcasts will earn their rightful spot on this list. Do you listen to any of the shows that I’ve mentioned? Is there a top life extension podcast that should have made the list, but didn’t? Let your fellow readers and me know in the comments! 


  1. Longecity Interviews is often good and usually on topic.
    HumanOS radio is sometimes good & on topic.
    The Simple Biotech Podcast is very new but has been good and on topic.
    All of these seem less hacky and more solidly science-based than the Biohacking Secrets Show.

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